Who I am

I am a medical student that loves to write about real life facts that impact every day of a woman. Before being a future doctor I’m a woman that likes to be fit and always looks her best.

My motto is that people see you first and that has the most impact and only after that they see what is in your head. If you respect yourself, you will be respected by others as well.

I also like to debate the educational side because beauty is not enough and if your educational side is deficient than your field sight is narrow also and you cannot perceive and see the world like it is.

Being fit doesn’t include only workout, but also to respect dietary guidelines because we are what you eat. The saying that beauty comes from inside is true in this case because what we eat is shown on our face and body that includes also to respect a healthy life regime.

I’m interested in natural products and remedies for body and mind also, returning to the nature is the best thing that you can do for your body. I don’t say that the commercial products aren’t good, some they are and I also like to use some that proven to be worthy. I like to use the best products price quality available on the market the main reason is that being a university student the I have a tight budget and if I can get the same effect using natural products why spend my money on expensive products.

The next theme that I like to debate here is to encourage people to pursue their careers to get a higher education, do something for yourself get up and see the world. Without being rude on this blog, I would say my opinion on various subjects that I confront and see in my daily life.

And at least maybe you wonder why I chose a site name like seo for a woman’s blog, how many you may guess we like women must always be on top and to update ourself to be fit and confront the daily life provocations. At least but not the last one we must not forget the deep meaning of bat that means rebirth, dreams and intuition the thinks that defines a woman.

If you like or dislike my opinion you are free to state your own opinion as well.

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