Beauty And Makeup Tips For The Mom On The Go

Being a mother isn’t always the most glamorous job, even if it is rewarding in so many other ways. It means being busy almost all the time, and that can lead to a lack of personal care, or pampering, which is something that all women should have access to from time to time. While being a parent certainly doesn’t require the aesthetically appealing allure of a cover model makeover on a daily basis, it is still nice to feel pretty, and apply a touch of lipstick from time to time.

makeup tipsIf you find yourself falling into the category above, and missing out on that much needed “you time” that allows for sleek hair and polished nails, check out a few of these helpful makeup tips for the Mom on the go.

Wash The Night Before

Okay, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be bathing regularly, but it does mean that you can acquire a sleek hairstyle without the need for a wash, blow dry, and styling first thing in the morning. For most Moms, a highly productive time of day happens to be the hours when children are snoozing in bed. This gives parents the necessary time to unwind, grab some adult conversation, and indulge in grown-up television or internet activities. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to use this time to create a stylish updo and slap on makeup for the following morning, but it is a great time to wash your hair, dry it, straighten or curl it, and wrap it in a scarf.

Silk scarves work best because they cut down on frizz, and keep your hair from rubbing on your pillow. In the morning, use a shower cap or in a dire emergency, a plastic bag, tied snuggly around the scarf to keep hair dry while cleansing. Once you’re dried and dressed, free your hair from its position atop your head, smooth it with a brush, pick, or fingertips, and touch up the bits that need a bit of extra attention before heading out the door.

Keep An Emergency Kit In The Car

Applying makeup while driving is definitely a bad idea. However, if you can get your basecoat of moisturizer and foundation on at home, it is easier to apply shadow, blush, liner, lipstick, and mascara after the children have been promptly deposited at school. It can be difficult to put on your mascara with the little ones pulling on your sleeve, but if you leave for work ten to fifteen minutes in advance, and have your base coat pre-applied, it will take you not time to line and swipe in the parking lot before heading into the building.

Create a small emergency car kit for those mornings when you feel rushed out the door by keeping some sample sized products in the dashboard compartment. Most makeup companies will send out samples, or they can be grabbed at local pharmacies and makeup counters for free. If you need more than a small sample pack, see if you can find a buy one get one sale for your favorite lipstick or blush online the next time that you do a makeup shop, and keep one in the car.

Less Is More

When you’re a Mom, especially one with young children, it can seem impossible to regain that youthful glow you acquired during pregnancy. Don’t let a few flyaway strands of hair and the chocolate kiss on your cheek get you down. Use what you have handy to freshen up, even if you’re not planning on leaving the house that day.

When asked which staple most women just can’t live without the answer varies, but one thing is for sure, a sheer coat of your favorite lipstick can make a big difference to your appearance and mood. Use a baby wipe or cleansing facial towel to clean off any residue on your face, and apply a light even layer of a lipstick that makes you feel good about yourself. Pair this with a hint of mascara for a very natural, but oh so pretty look that any Mom can be proud of.

The best thing about the less is more option, is that you can keep these two items in the diaper bag, baby stroller, or a coat pocket, and apply when out and about, or at home with you and baby.

Make Time For Yourself

Makeup might not seem like a huge deal in the grand scale of life and womanhood, but sometimes a little confidence boost can go a long way. Providing yourself with a colorful pick-me-up during your day may be just what you need to feel more like the woman you want to be.

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