Easy And Effective Butt Lift Exercises

We all want to have a backside like Jennifer Lopez. Although some of us seem to have been born with the Latina gene that naturally creates a wonderful booty, the vast majority of us will actually have to put a bit of effort into achieving it. There are two ways to create a nice looking tushy: get fat or get fit. Getting fat should never be an option, as it is damaging to your health. Not just that, you have no ability to control where your body will store the fat. Getting fit, therefore, is the only available option to it.

If you want to have a rocking booty, you need to build up the muscle tissue in your rear area. Lean muscle will create that stunning, rounded shape that J-Lo is so famous for (she works out, by the way). Luckily, this doesn’t mean you have to spend countless hours in the gym. Just do the following five exercises five times a week for amazing results.

Doing the Workout

The exercises below have been designed to help you work on all the muscles that support your backside. Each exercise should be done 20 to 30 times on each leg, and you can build that up over time. You must do all five of the exercises on one leg without rest, after which you can have a one minute rest before repeating with your other leg. Ideally, you should repeat the entire process four times, although you can also work your way up that. Once you feel it is starting to get too easy, you could put some weights on your ankles to give you that little bit more resistance.

1. Balance Lift

For this move, you simply get in box position on your hands and knees, meaning your hands are underneath your shoulders and your knees are underneath your hips. Lift your leg while pointing your toe, leaving it parallel with the floor. Then lift it slightly higher and use your toe to outline an imaginary letter P. Lower the leg back to parallel, raise it again and trace another P and so on. This move targets your center and outer glutes.

2. Raise to the Rear

You will remain in the box position for all of the exercises. This time, you keep your right leg straight and then lift and cross it, so it goes behind your left leg that is supporting you. Point your toe and tap the floor. Lift it back up so it is once again parallel to the floor and repeat. Make sure that you don’t arch your back. Keep your core muscles (across your stomach) engaged at all times. If you can’t tighten those, you’re not straight. This particular exercise targets the top part of your glutes, on the outside.

3. Box that Booty

Still in box position, point your right leg behind you. Lift it about four inches, leaving your hips pointing downwards. Then use your big toe to trace the shape of your box in a clockwise position, then trace it again counterclockwise. Try to make sure each box shape contracts your muscles slightly more. This exercise targets the top and center of your glutes.

4. Kick Like Kill Bill

Extend your right leg and swing it out sideways, lifting it so that it is in line with your hip. Then bend your knees, bringing your heel towards the rest of your body. Kick back to your side until your leg is completely safe (never lock your knee, however, always keep it soft). Make sure that you squeeze your glutes as you are doing this. This targets the side of your hips, as well as the meaty part of your tushy.

5. Lift for the Stars

In the final exercise, extend your leg sideways so that it is in line with your hip. Then, rhythmically, pulse it up and down, keeping it steady. The pulse should be an inch up and down from your center position. This targets the center and the side of your glutes.

Once you have finished all these exercises (try to aim for 30 repetitions on each movement), switch to your left side and repeat. Have a break for about one minute and start again. If you can manage to do these exercises three times on each leg, your booty will soon be pert, lifted and beautiful. Everybody wants to have a booty like J-Lo, and now you can have one, too. Although you have to put some effort in, this isn’t a big killer so you can do it!

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