Finding Thinning Hair Home Remedies That Work For You

Finding that your hair is thinning can make a big difference to your overall appearance and self-esteem in the long run. While there are a number of products and surgical methods now on the market to cover that bald spot and thicken those areas that are becoming sparse, using healthy, natural, home based remedies can sometimes be just the thing to promote hair growth, and make you feel better about yourself.

Unfortunately, thinning hair is not specific to men, although many people believe this to be true. Hormonal changes and a number of other stimulants can cause women to experience thinning of hair and bald spots as well. Sometimes this occurs due to natural reasons such as age, but other times it can be due to medical issues, which means that speaking to a doctor or dermatologist may be the best way to begin. Once a professional opinion lets you know that home based treatments are safe for you, take a look at these options.

Natural Herbal Remedies

Herbs have been used for centuries as healing and nurturing substances. They can be rubbed on as ointments, inhaled as vapor, eaten, or brewed into a tea or tonic. Fortunately, for those who suffer from hair loss, there are quite a few natural herbs and plants that can help to stimulate follicle growth. One of these herbs is called stinging nettle, and one great benefit of this plant, is that it can be found locally in the United States and Canada. You can find it as a dried herb, or purchase it in the vitamin section of your pharmacy as a tablet. When used in its natural form, stinging nettle can be steeped in olive oil or coconut oil, and rubbed into the scalp once a day over a two to three week period for best results.

thinning hair home remedies

Another wonderful herb, which can be found in most locations across North America is Rosemary. This is usually an accompaniment to lamb and beef dishes, helps to increase the circulation of blood flow in the scalp, and is found in quite a few hair loss products as an active ingredient. You can find this herb at most grocery stores or farmer’s markets dried or fresh, and it can be mixed with a small amount of olive oil or coconut oil to then be rubbed into the scalp. Similarly, lavender oil will work in the same way to heal the scalp and treat dryness to promote more healthy skin and hair.

Eat, Sleep, and Be Hairy

Believe it or not, your overall health can have a huge impact on your hair, so if you aren’t eating right, sleeping an appropriate number of hours, or getting enough water, you could be in trouble with hair loss. One particular problem many men and women face is low iron, which can often be due to a protein deficiency. This can cause hair production to stop, and can also affect the scalp tissue, and prevent healing of dry skin. If you feel that nutrition could be a factor in your hair loss, speaking to a nutritionist could be in your best interest.

Treat Your Scalp Right

It isn’t all about the products you apply and living a healthy lifestyle that promote hair growth, you also need to take care of your scalp, and the hair that you have now. Some people don’t realize how harsh the shampoo and conditioner can be that you use on a regular basis. Even the top products can be harmful if used for an extended period of time, which is why preparing a natural vinegar rinse once or twice a week is essential to clean and healthy hair. Two to three tablespoons of apple vinegar in a cup of water through your hair following a cleaning will help strip down any product buildup and create some serious shine.

A treatment with one egg, a tablespoon of real mayonnaise and a tablespoon of honey, coated through your hair to create a mask can also help rejuvenate needy hair, and revitalize your scalp. Keep this treatment on for 20-30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly, and remember to use warm, not hot water, or you could end up with scrambled eggs in your hair.

Remember to stimulate growth by rubbing, massaging, and gently brushing your scalp, even on bald spots with a soft toothed comb or hair pick. This is especially helpful after a hot shower as steam and heat can open pours, and make it easier for your comb to access hair and stimulate roots.

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