Fun Date Ideas For A First Date To Remember

A common expression is that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Once upon a time, a boy would meet a girl and make that first impression, and then take her on a date. The world has changed, however, and with so many people going on blind dates or initially meeting online, a first date is also often the first time two people meet face to face. This also means that simply taking someone to a restaurant to get to know each other better is not enough anymore. A first date has to be memorable and special, while at the same time painting a realistic picture of who you really are. So what are some great fun first date ideas?

1. Go for a Mini Date

Mini is cute, fun and non-threatening. It is also original and memorable. So, for a first date, why not make everything mini? Take your date to play mini golf, treat her to mini pizzas and then sit around a mini fire on the beach making mini smores with mini marshmallows. You could even hire a mini for the day to pick your date up.

2. Go on a Cooking Class

Traditionally, a first date involved going to a restaurant for a pretentious and highly overpriced meal that nobody really enjoyed, least of all the person paying the bill. So why not turn this into something different? By going to a cooking class, which, by the way, is usually far more affordable than an expensive restaurant, you both get to eat what you like and make it yourself – or make it for each other. It is a lot of fun, it is educational and it is a great way to get to know a lot about the other person, what her likes and dislikes are, how she acts in public and private settings and more.

3. Have a Three Course Meal, in Various Restaurants

If you want to do something that is more traditional, yet out of the box, you could take your date on a three course meal, having each course in a different establishment. Start with a salad at a healthy eating place, for instance, then move on to a romantic restaurant for your main meal. Finish off with a dessert of ice cream at a retro parlor. This is something incredibly memorable and a whole lot of fun. Plus, it also means you have to move about together, which is always an opportunity to talk to each other.

4. Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a great activity on a nice day. You need to have a smartphone to download the app, and you have to have GPS on it. Basically, all over the world, people have hidden things in little “caches.” Sometimes, this is an object, sometimes it is a piece of paper. The notification on your app will make it very clear. All you do is take whatever is there and replace it with something new in the case of an object, or write your name and the date on the piece of paper. It is almost like a high-tech scavenger hunt, Matrix meets the Real World. It encourages you to work together as well and have fun, as well as to leave a mark that will be carried on to more people.

5. Get Cheesy

fun date ideasThis one is slightly more risky, because if your date is not a cheese lover, this won’t be an enjoyable moment. Then again, the same can be said for a wine tasting event, but wine tasting has been done so many times, it simply isn’t original anymore. A cheese tasting event, where you are also like to be served a few glasses of wine (wine and cheese go together very well), on the other hand, is original and fun. You will be enticed with various cheeses of different colors, including yellow, white, orange and blue. Some will be mild and creamy, others will be pungent and strong. And you don’t have to worry about your breath, since both of you will be tasting the same cheeses.

Hopefully, this will have given you some great ideas on where to go on a first date. What matters is that you come up with something that is different, out of the ordinary and very memorable. At the same time, you have to make sure that you will have plenty of time to talk together and get to know each other. Sky diving is fun, for instance, but you won’t actually get to spend time together doing something like that.

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