Funny Snapchat Ideas To Relieve Boredom

Snapchat is a hugely popular app. We live in the era of selfies and we want the world to see these photos. However, there are only so many interesting poses you can adopt, and only so many ideas that remain original. The app itself is one of the most popular around, because we have become more electronically social. It was recently said that our diaries used to be our most private belongings, but we now share these private moments with the world and expect reactions from others. So, if you are one of the 30 million people who actively use Snapchat, how do you make sure you keep it fresh and original?

1. Start Drawing

You don’t have to be Salvador Dali to draw on Snapchat. Take a photo of something you want to share, like your favorite pet, and get artistic. Perhaps your dog will look great with a Dali mustache drawn on, or with John Lennon glasses, or any other effect you can think of. This isn’t about delivering a piece of art that people want to hang up in their living room, it is about making people laugh.

2. Be a Standup Comedian with Everyday Things

Whenever you are out and about, you are bound to come across something that makes you wonder what it actually is. It seems as if product manufacturers are really struggling to stay original as well, and you can use this to your Snapchat advantage. For instance, it is likely that your local grocery store will stock something called “smart water.” Take a picture of that with a caption asking by how many points your IQ will be raised for each bottle, and you’re sure to get a few grins out of people.

3. Turn the Real World Into Nonsense

People love to see pictures of beautiful scenery. Beach panoramas, foggy pictures of forests and the bright blue of the sky are eye-catching and interesting. However, these pictures are also a dime a dozen, so you need to think of something to turn them into something more original. An image of a lush green field, for instance, could be highlighted with a caption along the lines of “Green like the jealousy monster” or something else that actually makes very little sense. It is a great way to make people just stop and think for a moment.

4. Ugly Selfies

Time and time again, we see images of young girls in full makeup with a massive pout on, or of men in short shorts showing off their muscles, trying to look as good as possible. Why not break this trend and go for ugly selfies instead? Pulling funny faces is one of the oldest games in the book and one that never tires. You could even put a more modern twist to it, copying photographs of other people who are taking “pretty” selfies and exaggerating them. You won’t know who will have the most fun: you in taking the pictures, or your friends in seeing them.

5. Use Emojis

Emojis are a very strange byproduct of this generation. Once upon a time, we had a few smiley faces and that would do for us. Now, however, we have cigarettes, crows, upside down crosses, alien faces, flowers and even a poop. None of these look realistic, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used to make a standard image a lot more fun. You could take one of your friends’ selfies, for instance, and strategically place a poop on his or her head and a flower under the nose. Just because you can.

6. Create an “Original Hipster”

The “Original Hipster” movement is growing on Snapchat. Basically, you find an old black and white photograph of someone, a famous figure would be even funnier but is not necessary, and add some colorful details that make that person look more hip. Blinging up Abraham Lincoln’s hat, for instance, is a great place to start.

7. Come Up with Captions

Finally, why not get creative with captions. Everybody is wondering what is behind Mona Lisa’s smile, for instance. Why not snap a picture of her face and caption it with what you think she is thinking about (make it something funny, obviously). This works with almost any work of art that includes living beings, so you should be able to keep busy for a while with this one. Indeed, it may end up turning into a little game between you and you followers, to find out who can come up with the funniest caption on a famous work of art.

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