Homemade Face Mask Recipes To Try

Whenever you enter a grocery store, drug store or other such establishment, you are confronted with a huge variety of facial care products. They are all advertised as being miracle products based on natural ingredients. The key word in there is “based”. This means that they are not actually completely natural and that you are putting various chemicals and synthetic ingredients on your skin. Most people don’t realize that 60% of anything they put onto their skin is actually absorbed into their body, which means all those chemicals are actually coursing through your cells. Luckily, there are plenty of homemade face masks that you can try that are completely natural and that have fantastic benefits.

face mask recipesCoconut Oil and Coffee Grinds

Most supermarkets will sell virgin organic coconut oil. This will be a hard substance that you need to heat up slightly to turn into liquid. Mix that with some coffee granules (for instance the ones that you have left after making a filter coffee) and spread on your face. Be very careful to not put it into your eyes, however, as that would be really unpleasant. The caffeine in the coffee helps to stimulate the skin, which is why it is perfect to reduce the appearance of tired-looking eyes. It is also a great mask to help reduce acne. Apply for about 10 minutes three times a week to see great results.

Apricot, Oatmeal and Honey Scrub

Exfoliating is very important to keep your skin looking healthy and young. By mixing up some apricot juice, or fruit pieces and some oatmeal, pasting it together with honey, you will create a fantastic scrub that nourishes your skin, removes dead cells, kills off any bacteria and leaves you smelling lovely and summery. If you find honey to be too sticky, you may replace it with virgin organic coconut oil. However, take note that honey has a number of fantastic benefits, so it’s advisable to use that if you can. Using this scrub once a week should be sufficient.

Honey and Olive Oil for Glowing Skin

If you also want your skin to have a healthy glow, all you need is some honey, some extra virgin olive oil and some baking soda. One teaspoon of each should be sufficient, although you could add slightly more baking soda to make a thicker paste. Use once a week on average to leave your skin looking radiant and lovely.

The most important thing is that you always use all natural ingredients in any face mask that you want to create. By having a few basic ingredients at home, such as extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, you can experiment with your favorite herbs, spices, fruits and more to create products that work for you. Cold cucumbers on tired eyes, for instance, is an age old recipe that will always be beneficial. Mother Nature has provided us with all the ingredients we could possibly need in order to be healthy with a radiant, youthful appearance; there simply is no need to purchase other products.

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