How To Apply Eye Shadow Makeup That Will Make Your Eyes Pop

Eye shadow is a staple in any woman’s makeup palette; it can cause subtle accentuation to aesthetics that are already apparent, or intensify the face with a pop of color. One thing many women find difficult is applying their eye shadow without overpowering their features, or smudging it improperly into eye creases and grooves.

There are a variety of brands of eye shadow makeup, as well as styles of application, but there are a few key tips that every woman should know on how to apply eye shadow makeup that will really make your eyes pop.


Lining The Crease

Many women start with the base color across the lid, but what is sometimes suggested by makeup artists is to line the crease before this base color goes on. Whether you are looking to create a dramatic night look, or a subtle daytime presentation, you can make your eyes pop by lining your crease with a slightly darker color than that which is going onto the main lid.

Begin at the outer corner of your eye, and create a “V” shape from the corner to the top outer crease, then sweep your shadow across only the crease, all the way to where it naturally ends. Do not brush this dark color into the inner corner of your eye or it will detract from the effect you are trying to create. Some women find it easier to find this crease by applying the shadow with their eye open for this part of the application only.

Highlight Your Brows

Once your crease is covered, you can apply a coat of the base color to your lid, blend gently into the crease line, without erasing the crease that you have created. Now you will want to highlight your brow bone by using a much lighter, more natural hue, such as champagne, nude, or an iridescent cream just above the crease, all the way to the bottom of your eyebrow. This can be swept forward into your inner lid, and a dab on the edge of the tear duct region. Be careful not to get the shadow into your eye or your duct, as this could cause an irritation.

Some women also find it smart to line the top of their brow very subtly with the same color in a thin line just above the upper portion of their eyebrow. Blend this color wherever it is placed, so that it doesn’t overpower the eye, or look out of place among the darker tones.

Smokey Power

how to apply eye shadow makeupNow that you have these basic steps you can learn how to apply eye shadow makeup into a smokey look. Use black, navy, or a dark gray to crease the eye, and blend into the “V” at the outer corner. You can use a slightly different tone for the base color on the lid, but instead of sweeping the dark color directly across, use it only to the middle of the lid, after which, a lighter color should be applied, such as a pale gray or a lighter dusty blue. Blend well, and remember to add highlight that accommodates the colors chosen.

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