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Education is important, not only to excel in your chosen profession, but to grow as a person and continue to exercise your mind. With the dawn of the internet age came a number of available options for academics, one of which is the online course, and fortunately, there has been a rise in these types of classes over the last few years.

Some are offered by accredited universities while others are supplied by professionals or trade workers looking to share their talents or teach people how to perform a job well. These online courses range from educational to hands-on, and if you have a particular passion, you can be sure that there is one or two courses on that subject as well. For the time being, take a look at some of the best colleges free online courses to take this year.

Intro To Microeconomics

Offered by MIT through the MIT Open Course Ware, this Introduction to Microeconomics class is a self-paced program that can be taken completely independent of any other course. It is one of the first options offered to the undergraduate students at MIT studying economics, so only a high school level of calculus is recommended.

The course is taught by Professor Jonathan Gruber, who has more than twenty years of teaching experience from MIT under his belt. He is an economist himself, and although many struggle to embrace the concept of microeconomics, it can be a very helpful course for learning about money and decision making when resources are in short supply.

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Fundamentals Of Music Theory

Offered through Coursera, the Fundamentals of Music Theory class offers the information required to read and write music, and supplies a statement of accomplishment over a 5 week period of study. The course is supplied by The University of Edinburgh and is taught by a number of professors including Dr. Michael Edwards, Dr. Zack Moir, Richard Worth, Dr. Nikki Moran, and Dr. John Philip Kitchen, MA BMus PhD.

Throughout this program, musicians and those interested in the musical arts can learn the skills necessary to understand pitches, scales, modes and chords, as well as rhythm and form, keys and intervals, and harmonies. It is taught using lecture videos, quizzes, multiple choice tests, and a final exam.

Western Civilization – Ancient & Medieval Europe

Offered by Arizona State University and www.exd.org, this course begins on October 14, 2015, and offers an introductory look at the historical occurrences of Medieval Europe over an eight week course. The class is offered for free, but can supply learners with a verified certificate of completion for an additional $45.

No prerequisites are needed, and the work covers history in Europe from 1500 A.D. through a variety of cultures such as Roman, Frankish, and more. Instructed by Dr. Ian Frederick Moulton, the faculty lead in the Humanities and Sciences department of Arizona State University, it is an official and institutionally verified class, which can be shared as an accomplishment through LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Intro To Computer Science

For those who have always wanted to attend an Ivy League School, Harvard University offers one of the top Computer Science courses in the country, and now they are supplying an Introduction to Computer Science class for free on www.edx.org. The course covers a number of factors involved in this field of study including programming, and other information that could truly benefit those in the IT field, or those who are interested in the Information Technology industry.

The course is offered for free, but can be supplemented with a verified certificate for an additional $90. It is taught by David J. Malan, Rob Bowden, Zamyla Chen, and Allison Buchholtz-Au over a period of 9 problem sets, which each takes approximately ten to twenty hours to complete. A final project is also necessary for completion.

best online coursesThis is one online course that is causing waves among internet students as it supplies entrance into a world that many aren’t able to access without top marks or large scale tuition. For no money at all, you now have the opportunity to join other Harvard goers in learning about the fundamentals of computer sciences.

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There is a large selection of online courses available for interests of all kinds on a number of learning platforms. By visiting Coursera or www.exd.org, you can access courses in history, science, the arts, languages, math, and more. If you want to find the best online courses to take this year, run a quick online search for something that you’re interested in learning about; you might just be surprised to see how many options you have.

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