The Best Arm Exercises To Tone Up Your Arms

Getting an upper body that is sleek and strong is all about doing the math. It is also not reserved for men only, despite what many people think. Additionally, women do not get “too bulked up” by doing these exercises. Arm exercises are not designed to make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rather, they are designed to make sure your arms look leaner and shapelier, which is a good thing considering summer is peeping around the corner. Although these exercises are described using gym equipment, you can always find replacement tools for them. Soda bottles make fantastic weights, for instance. Also, if you want to see really fast results and lose a big of weight while you’re at it, don’t sit still during your rests. Jog in place or do star jumps for instance so that your metabolic rate stays high. Each of these exercises will target one or more of the three areas of your arm: the triceps, the biceps and the shoulders. Together, they provide a full arm workout.

A Starter Tip

Each exercise should be done in reps of 10 (12 if you ever get to maximum weight and still feel like you could push yourself more). To get your weight right, you need to find the eighth rep hard, the ninth rep even harder and the tenth one almost impossible. If, by the ninth rep, your face isn’t starting to scrunch up, you need a heavier weight.

1. The Dumbbell Curl

No arm workout would be complete without the dumbbell curl, which is one of the oldest gym moves in the book. It targets your biceps in particular and if you do them properly, you will see fantastic results. To do the dumbbell curl, stand with your feet placed at shoulder width. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, placing them in front of your hips, and face your palms outwards. Then bend one arm to a 90 degree angle, leaving it parallel to the floor. Next, curl your other hand towards your shoulder and lower it back down. Do 10 reps of this and then switch arms. Once you have done both sides, you need to do another 10 reps curling both arms at the same time.

2. Uneven Push Up

The Uneven Push Up will give you oodles of upper body strength. In the gym, you can do this with a medicine ball, but a stack of books or a basketball will work just as well. Get into plank position on your hands and place your right hand on the medicine ball. Squeeze your shoulders and abs as you do a push up, keeping your elbows in. Push back up and repeat until you have done 5 reps, then do another 5 on the other side.

3. The Multigrip Triset

This is a highly popular routine that exists in many different forms. It was recently made popular again by a well-known strength coach, who incorporated it in his personal training book. It is also known as the multipathway routine. One of the reasons why this is a popular workout is because you can change it regularly, so that it is never boring. There are six exercises to choose from, and you must choose three out of those. There are also three different grips, and you should choose one for each grip, starting with your weakest and working your way up. The grips are: palms down (pronated), palms facing each other (neutral) and palms up (supinated).

The exercises to choose from are the standing dumbbell reverse curl, the EZ bar curl, the hammer curl, the triceps push down rope attachment, the reverse grip triceps pushdown and the regular triceps pushdown. This is a truly killer workout that will show tremendous results. Unfortunately, it is also an advanced workout so it is not very good for people who have just started going to the gym. Additionally, it requires specialized equipment, particularly for the pushdowns, which you may not have at home.

arm toning exercises4. The Tricep Dip

The tricep dip is great to train the back of your top arms. This is an area that you may not see a lot yourself, but it is hugely important. Additionally, by working this area out, you will also reduce your bat wings, which is something most of us are aiming for.

To do the tricep dip, simply put your hands behind you on a bench, raising your bottom slightly above it. A step, used in step aerobics, is perfect, but you can use any other tool so long as you know it is securely in place. You then bend your arms, thereby lowering yourself to the floor, until you have a 90 degree angle with your arms. Then lift yourself back up and start again.

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