Try A Natural Acne Home Treatment That Won’t Scar

One of the problems that can be associated with acne, outside of the discomfort and embarrassment of these spots, is that they can often leave a scar if not treated properly. It can be incredibly difficult to keep from picking, poking, or popping a zit, especially if it is painful, or in a fairly visible place and you want it gone immediately.

Unfortunately, there is no magic zit be gone remedy, although the medical and cosmetic communities have come up with a few topical treatments that are very close. However, if you are seeking a more natural method of removing your pimples, try a few of these at home treatments.

Get Scrubbing

There is no acne home treatment better than soap and water for most people, although some cases can be quite severe and require some additional help. If you find that you are breaking out due to hormonal changes in your body or a spike in activity and sweat production, you may just need to tweak your hygiene routine a little bit.

When you wash your face in the morning, you will want to use a gentle exfoliating scrub, but first you want to open your pores so that you are able to really deep clean the oil from your skin. Use a warm face cloth pressed over your face for a count of ten to twenty to open pores and warm your skin. This is similar to the way that barbers ready the facial follicles for a shave, and it is worth the extra few minutes to really get a deep clean.

Use a gentle cleanser, or a trusted soap brand, and really lather your skin well, making sure to rub a little extra around those problem areas like your T-zone, up your nose and across your forehead. Rinse well, and repeat before bed.

Raid Your Cupboards

Believe it or not there are a ton of powerful acne fighting ingredients right in your own kitchen, like apple cider vinegar. This has some truly great properties for relieving redness and drying up acne quickly and safely. Mix 3 parts water to one part vinegar, and apply to blemishes using a cotton swab. Try to avoid touching your face with your fingers, as your fingers contain oil that can be transmitted to your facial skin and cause more blemishes to appear.

Another wonderful ingredient that you may or may not have at home is tea tree oil. This is a naturally occurring oil found in nature, and while it might seem counterproductive to add another oil to your skin, this one is known for drying up problem areas and pulling out unwanted dirt and grime from your pores. Similar to the vinegar mixture, you can apply this oil to your skin using a cotton swab and leave on for at least ten minutes, although it is gentle enough to be left on all night while you sleep as well.

Keeping Your Home Clean

Acne is generally caused by a build up of oil or dirt in your pores, and this doesn’t mean that you aren’t a clean person, simply that the world around us is full of floating debris that we can’t always see and sometimes it ends up on our skin. By washing your bedding regularly, especially pillow cases and other items that touch your face and skin, you can help reduce acne, and give your skin the breathing room that it needs to clear up blemishes that are already present.

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